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Our three concepts 6Styles, Changesetter and PublicProfessional are often used as the preferred tool in organizational processes. All of our concepts are available in several languages and used worldwide.

Changesetter's variety of tools makes it exceedingly valuable 

The combination of tools and theory makes the Changesetter concept a swift way to integrate well proven management theory into the everyday operational challenges.


Changesetter combines theory and practice

At CBS we use Changesetter to illustrate different dynamics and to discuss scenarios within Change Management. 
The game is based on some specific Management Change theories, which illustrate the thoughts that derive from the theories.


6styles takes teaching close to reality

At Copenhagen Business School and University of Southern Denmark we use 6styles in the management training as an educational tool to create a better understanding of how Intelligent Management works in a leadership situation. 6styles shows the students with great clarity, that their actions have consequences.


Changesetter has kickstarted massive change management

We have used Changesetter as preparation for the massive leadership challenge, which awaits the leaders who is going to be moving from the separate counsels to the newly established authority “Udbetaling Danmark”, which is a part of the ATP concern.

Changesetter works well, in spite of cultural differences

Changesetter is a well-designed tool. It is a good way to visualize and support changes. It provides a concrete basis for discussing the challenges and reactions that we typically meet among employees, and the managerial tools that we can bring into play to successfully manage change. The game makes it easy to understand the kind of difficult challenges and decisions faced by employees, managers and the company as a whole.


Changesetter stimulates and challenges

Changesetter is highly engaging and activating. This is partly due to the physical element of the game in which players move the pieces around and consider where to put them. The players have to use their arms and legs, which is far more stimulating than if they just sat passively listening or doing the usual kind of group work. This inherent quality of Changesetter is what drives the game, and it contains a number of challenges that are appropriate for our employees.


Changesetter – a brilliant tool

Changesetter is a brilliant tool because the inherent structure of the course quickly motivates employees to actively participate in the game. The physical fact of standing around the floor board while I introduce the system and set up the pieces creates a process that invites involvement right from the very start. Changesetter is extremely motivational because it’s fun, and it generates a constant stream of dilemmas that employees must make decisions about.


We have acquired useful tools

We have trained our Level 2 managers in change management with the help of a range of tools including Changesetter. The game has given these managers a much greater understanding of the human reaction patterns that they encounter among employees throughout the massive change process Aller Media is currently undergoing and will continue to undergo in future. The Level 2 managers have been given the tools to view resistance from a leadership perspective and have gained the insight that employee reactions are natural and that they should not be taken personally.


Changesetter teaches the students to solve problems

At the master degree in communication at Aalborg University the students are taught how to handle corporate communication and communication change.


The concepts have been used by

  • Credit Suisse (CH)
  • ORKLA (NO)
  • Betafence (BE)
  • Kim's
  • Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni
  • Moment
  • Novo Nordisk
  • DONG Energy
  • Deloitte
  • TOP Danmark
  • SKAT
  • TV2
  • Carlsberg
  • MT Højgaard
  • Aalborg Industries
  • NNE
  • FTF
  • Actea

  • Sigma
  • TDC
  • Sirius IT
  • Lantmännen Unibake
  • Vestas
  • Grundfos
  • Propellor Group (BE)
  • Right People Consulting (AU)
  • Origin Energy (AU)
  • Aller Media
  • Københavns Energi
  • Væksthuset
  • Frederiksberg Hospital
  • Hvidovre Hospital
  • Koncern IT
  • Fredensborg kommune
  • Helsingør kommune
  • Roskilde kommune




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