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A few things you should know about the webinar events

  • The number of participants is limited
  • Participation is free, unless a fee is given in the description
  • You participate using your own computer, wherever you are
What is a webinar?
A webinar is a short presentation (duration typically around 45 minutes-1 hour) build around one of our learning concept (i.e. Changesetter, 6Styles) or new initiatives (Changesetter Live, new cases, etc.). It gives you the opportunity to get familiar with one of those, to gather insights,  get your questions answered, see what opportunities we can offer or just to get inspired. It is transmitted over the web and can be assessed both over MACs and PCs, which gives the flexibility for everyone with internet access the opportunity to attend the webinar. In most cases, our webinars are offered at no cost for the participants, though registration is still required as limited seats are available. 

See the calender below to read more about our upcoming webinars. Note that we offer our webinars both in Danish and English. Please refer to each webinar for details such as content description, language spoken, registration, request for more information, etc.


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